Skip The Line Tickets Paris

Millions of visitors come from all over the world to see the wonders of France’s capital. We offer advance tickets for Paris to get in faster because your time matters. Even if you’re visiting during the low season, it’s best to purchase your tickets as long in advance as possible due to the high demand.

Why Buy Skip The Line Tickets in Paris?

Although queue times may occur during peak times and for security checks, the freedom of bypassing the ticket line saves time queueing and more time for discovering the attraction. Imagine being able to join a dedicated and short queue at the busiest attractions and museums in Paris. This is one of the best benefits of Skip The Line Tickets. Your Time Matters.

The amount of tourists in Paris is growing significantly again after the outbreak of Covid-19. Total number of visitors to Greater Paris exceeded a record of 40 million tourists, according to recent estimates. Therefore, we strongly recommend buying skip the line tickets in advance. Or buy instant priority entrance tickets via your smartphone and save a massive amount of time!

People are forced to queue for hours at sites such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Château of Versailles, etc. Tourists are being urged to make online bookings up to 3 months in advance to see the sights without the exhausting experience of battling through huge crowds.

Top 5 most visited attractions in Paris:

  1. Disneyland Paris (15,8 million visitors)
  2. Musee du Louvre (8,9 million visitors)
  3. Tour Eiffel (7,2 million visitors)
  4. Chateau de Versailles (6,7 million visitors)
  5. Musee d’Orsay (3,5 million visitors)

We currently offer skip the line tickets for Louvre, Arc du Triomphe, Musee d’Orsay, CatacombsEiffel Tower but we’re working hard to add more Paris attractions! Check out the possibilities for Group Tickets Paris too!

Anouk is our (native French) blogger for Paris attractions so don’t hesitate to contact her at [email protected]. She loves feedback :)

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