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Skip The Line Dubai Miracle Garden

Discover a floral wonderland at Dubai Miracle Garden, sprawling over 72,000 square meters, with skip-the-line tickets! Bypass queues to explore over 150 million flowers, including vibrant petunias, marigolds, and breathtaking floral sculptures. Enjoy themed gardens, heart-shaped arches, and the mesmerizing Butterfly Garden. Save time and effortlessly immerse yourself in this colorful oasis. Purchase skip-the-line tickets now for a seamless and delightful experience at Dubai Miracle Garden!

Situated in the heart of Dubailand, this expansive park features a circular layout, offering lush green vistas and blossoming flowers at every twist and turn. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of nature’s beauty on a global scale.

Highlights Dubai Miracle Garden

Uncover the enchanting highlights of Dubai Miracle Garden, a floral masterpiece in the heart of the desert:

Millions of Blooms: Marvel at over 150 million flowers in full bloom, creating a vibrant and captivating landscape.

Unique Floral Structures: Admire intricate and larger-than-life floral sculptures, including heart-shaped arches, peacocks, and castles.

Butterfly Garden: Delight in the Butterfly Garden, a serene haven where colorful butterflies flutter amidst beautiful flowers.

Themed Gardens: Explore themed gardens, each offering a unique and immersive experience, from the aromatic Perfume Garden to the whimsical Teddy Bear Garden.

Vertical Plantings: Witness vertical plantings and living walls that add a touch of greenery to the surroundings.

Record-Breaking Displays: Be amazed by Guinness World Record-breaking displays, such as the Airbus A380 floral structure.

Floral Clock: Admire the intricate Floral Clock, a charming and functional display that adds a touch of elegance to the garden.

Heart Passage: Walk through the romantic Heart Passage adorned with blooming flowers, creating a magical and picturesque setting.

Colorful Umbrella Walkway: Stroll beneath the vibrant and artistic Umbrella Walkway, a whimsical display of hanging umbrellas in various hues.

Open-Air Attractions: Enjoy open-air attractions, live performances, and photo opportunities against the backdrop of this botanical wonder.

Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances at Dubai Miracle Garden. Purchase skip-the-line tickets to breeze through the entrance and make the most of your time in this floral paradise.

Opening Hours & Best Time to visit Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is open 24/7

How To get to Dubai Miracle Garden

  • Metro

    Hop on the Dubai Metro’s Red Line and alight at MOE (Mall of the Emirates) metro station. Board RTA Bus No. 105 for a swift 15-20 minute journey directly to Dubai Miracle Garden. Enjoy the convenience at a cost of just 5 Dirhams.

  • Bus

    Dubai’s Bus network operates for 21 hours a day, from 4 AM to 1 AM. The bus stop for Miracle Garden 1 is a short 2-minute walk from the entrance to the park and is located about 230 meters away.

  • Car

    Driving to Miracle Garden is a quick option (18 minutes). If you’re headed here from Dubai Marina, then it should take you around 20 minutes on the road to get to Miracle Garden. The distance you will cover is approximately 20 km, and you can easily park your car at Miracle Garden’s sprawling car park.

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