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Explore Hagia Sophia’s mesmerizing history effortlessly with skip-the-line tickets, avoiding the queues. Admire the architectural marvels, stunning mosaics, and unique features like the Imperial Door and Weeping Column. Immerse yourself in the rich blend of Byzantine and Ottoman influences. Join the millions of visitors who have marveled at this iconic Istanbul landmark. Purchase skip-the-line tickets for a seamless and time-efficient experience at Hagia Sophia!

About Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is great architectural beauty and an important monument both for the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires. Once a church, later a mosque, and now a museum in the Turkish Republic, Hagia Sophia has always been a precious building. Next to its striking exterior, make your way inside and prepare to get dizzy from double-taking! The scale of the art and architecture within is something that has to be experienced firsthand to be believed.

Hagia Sophia will stun you with its volume, size, and decoration as it has been doing since the times of the Roman Empire. It bears the traces of different cultures, religions, sects, and ages. You will not regret visiting this timeless glory.

Highlights Hagia Sophia

Architectural Marvel: Marvel at the grandeur of Hagia Sophia’s architectural masterpiece, featuring a breathtaking dome and a fusion of Byzantine and Ottoman design.

Mosaics and Artwork: Explore the intricate mosaics depicting religious scenes, including the famed Deesis mosaic and the Virgin and Child.

Imperial Door: Admire the ornate Imperial Door, a testament to Byzantine craftsmanship and a grand entrance to this historical treasure.

Weeping Column: Discover the mystical Weeping Column, believed to have healing powers, inviting visitors to touch and seek blessings.

Mihrab and Minbar: Witness the transformation from cathedral to mosque through the added features like the mihrab and minbar during the Ottoman era.

Dome Interior: Stand beneath the colossal dome, absorbing the awe-inspiring space and the interplay of light that adds to its celestial atmosphere.

Ottoman Calligraphy: Appreciate the elegant Ottoman calligraphy and Islamic decorations that enhance the cultural tapestry of Hagia Sophia.

Combine your visit with other Istanbul attractions like the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar for a rich and immersive experience. Purchase skip-the-line tickets to effortlessly explore Hagia Sophia and make the most of your time in this historically and culturally rich city!

Opening Hours & Best Time to visit Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia opening hours are between 09:00 in the morning and 23:00 in the late evening as of 2022. However, since its a mosque, it is partially closed to touristic visits during praying hours. When Hagia Sophia was a museum, it was closed on mondays. This information still exists in un-updated guidebooks, but is no longer valid. Hagia Sophia is open every day of the week.

How To get to Hagia Sophia

  • Metro

    Closest tram station is “Sultanahmet station”. When you get off at this station, Hagia Sophia will be only in walking distance.

  • Tram

    In order to get to Hagia Sophia, we recommend taking the tram T1. You can get off at either Gülhane station or at Sultanahmet station. Both stops are 7 minutes (650 meter) away from Hagia Sophia.

  • Bus

    The bus stops closest to the palace is at Sarayburnu or Akbiyik Station. Take the buses 28T, 30D, 46Ç, 47E, 99A, BN1, EM1 and get down at one of these stops. From Sarayburnu station, it is an 18-minute walk to Hagia Sophia; from Akbiyik, it is an 11-minute walk.

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