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Skip The Line Anne Frank House

How to Skip The Lines at Anne Frank House

There are several reasons why waiting times for the Anne Frank House can be long. The Anne Frank House is a relatively small museum housed in a historic canal house. This limited space restricts the number of visitors allowed inside at a time. The high demand from tourists interested in this significant historical site often exceeds this capacity, leading to queues.

To protect the original structure and artifacts, the number of visitors is carefully managed. This can sometimes create bottlenecks or longer wait times. The Anne Frank House is a world-renowned museum and a poignant symbol of World War II history. This global interest attracts large numbers of visitors, contributing to longer wait times.

Tickets for the Anne Frank House are not sold on-site and become available online only at specific times. This system can lead to tickets selling out quickly, especially during peak seasons.

The best advise it to book tickets for Anne Frank in advance. Tickets are released two months in advance, and a limited number of tickets are available on the day of the visit.

Time slots are available to manage the flow of visitors. Complete the purchase process online. Tickets are often sold out quickly, so it’s advisable to book as early as possible.

Guided Tours: Below you will find guided tours that include skip-the-line access, providing additional historical context and insights.

Don’t forget to plan ahead: Due to high demand especially during summer months, tickets can sell out quickly, especially during peak tourist seasons. Even with skip-the-line tickets, it’s advisable to arrive a little early to ensure a smooth entry. Regularly check the official website for ticket availability, as additional tickets may be released.

By purchasing skip-the-line tickets, you can avoid long waits and make the most of your visit to this important historical site.

Average Waiting Times per day of the week for Anne Frank House

Opening Hours & Best Time to visit Anne Frank House

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Note: These hours can change due to special events, holidays, or other circumstances, so it’s best to check the official Anne Frank House website for the most current information before planning your visit.

Best Time to Visit Anne Frank House – To avoid long waiting times and crowds, consider the following tips:

  • Arrive before the museum opens at 9:00 AM to be among the first in line.
    Visiting later in the day, after 6:00 PM, can also help you avoid peak crowds.
  • Mid-Week Visits: Tuesday through Thursday are typically less crowded than weekends.
    Off-Peak Seasons:
  • Avoid Peak Tourist Seasons: The summer months (June to August) are the busiest. Visiting during the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) can result in shorter wait times.
    Advance Tickets:

Purchase skip-the-line tickets in advance from one of our resellers below to secure a specific time slot and minimize waiting. By planning your visit during these times and booking in advance, you can enhance your experience and avoid long waits.

How To get to Anne Frank House

  • Tram

    Take tram line 13 or 17 from Amsterdam Centraal Station towards “Geuzenveld” (for tram 13) or “Osdorp Dijkgraafplein” (for tram 17). Get off at the stop called “Westermarkt.”
    From Westermarkt, it’s a short walk (about 5-7 minutes) to the Anne Frank House. Follow the signs towards Prinsengracht and the Westerkerk (Western Church).

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