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Priority Entrance Tickets Keukenhof Flower Garden Lisse

Come and visit World’s largest flower garden. It’s the most beautiful spring park in the world with its sea of flowers will put you in a romantic, spring mood. It’s definitely a must-see place in the Netherlands! The Keukenhof (Kitchen Garden/Flower Garden) in Lisse (Netherlands) is open from March 23rd and will be closed May 14th, 2023. Save more than 1 hour when you buy skip the line tickets for Kitchen Garden in advance or via your mobile. No need to print your Flower Garden priority tickets. Save precious time, simply show your Keukenhof tickets on your phone. Buy the cheapest Keukenhof/Flower Garden Tickets here!


Background Information Keukenhof

Keukenhof is a public park located in the town of Lisse, in the Netherlands. The park is also known as the Garden of Europe and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It is famous for its vast tulip fields, which bloom from late April to early May each year. The park covers an area of approximately 32 hectares and is home to more than 7 million flower bulbs, including tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other spring flowers.

The history of Keukenhof can be traced back to the 15th century, when it was used as a hunting ground for the Counts of Holland. In the 1820s, the park was transformed into an English landscape garden, with winding paths and a picturesque lake. In the early 20th century, the park was opened to the public and began to focus on its flower displays. Since then, Keukenhof has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands, attracting over a million visitors annually.

The popularity of Keukenhof is due to its vast tulip fields and the variety of flowers that can be found in the park, as well as the beautiful landscape gardens and pavilions, designed by local and international landscape architects. It is a place where people can enjoy nature and the beauty of the Netherlands, especially in spring time. It is also a popular destination for photographers, garden enthusiasts, and visitors who want to experience the unique Dutch culture.

The history of Keukenhof, which means “kitchen garden”, goes back to the 15th century. In 1949 a group of 20 flower bulb exporters came up with a plan to use the estate for a permanent exhibition of spring-flowering bulbs. As a result the birth of Keukenhof as a spring park was a fact. The park opened its gates to the public in 1950 and was an instant success, with 236,000 visitors in the first year alone. During the last 73 years Keukenhof has grown into a world-famous attraction. Don’t miss your chance to see this Dutch delight!


Highlights Keukenhof

  • 7 million flower bulbs bloom over 32 hectares with 15 kilometers of footpaths
  • See beautiful flowers, including the famous tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths
  • 73th edition in 2023
  • The Keukenhof 2023 theme will be Flower Classics. Considering the seemingly endless range of colors in which you can find tulips, this theme is sure to impress. 
  • WiFi is available throughout the entire park, so you won’t have to wait to post your perfect snap
  • Gain inspiration and relax in the beautiful surroundings

Special Events & Indoor Flowershows Keukenhof 2023

March 24 – March 29: Tulip and Hyacinth show
March 31 – April 5: Freesia and Gerbera show
April 7 – April 12: Rose show
April 14 – April 18: Daffodil and Special Bulbs show
April 20 – April 25: Alstroemeria show
April 27 – May 2: Lisianthus show
May 4 – May 9: Chrysanthemums and Calla show
May 11 – May 15: Carnation and summer flower show
March 24 – May 15: Anthurium show
March 24 – May 15: Orchid show
March 24 – May 15: Amaryllis show
March 24 – May 15: Potted Bulb show
March 24 – May 15: Potted Plant show


Skip the Line Ticket Prices Keukenhof

Smartphone Priority Access Tickets – €19.50

Keukenhof Entry Ticket – €19.50

Priority Access Tickets + Transfer Amsterdam – €37,50

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Children aged 4-17 €9,00 (Children aged 0-3 years are free of charge)

Groups (20-200 people) €18,50

Park Guide €5,00 –The park guide is packed with information about Keukenhof and events, as well as useful tips on creating your own Keukenhof at home. The park guide is available to purchase at Keukenhof at the ticket offices and the information desk.

Opening hours are daily from 08:00 until 19:30.

How To Get To Keukenhof?

Located between The Hague and Amsterdam, Keukenhof is easy to reach by car and public transport. There are sufficient parking spaces to park your car for €6.00 a day. If you rather travel by train and/or bus, then a combi-ticket is the most economical choice.

With a good value Combi-ticket you can travel cheap & comfortably from Amsterdam to Keukenhof. The bus driver drops you off at the main entrance and you can just walk straight into the park.

Availability Skip the line Tickets Flower Garden

Check our availability first. It might happen that we are sold out during popular (sunny) days and/or certain time slots. Keukenhof, the nicest and most colorful day out!



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